《 土地治愈 》




Song Chen Solo Exhibition


Curator: Du Xiyun





2019.12.05(World Soil Day)




Supported by: Green Living Magazine


顾 问:




Ren Guanping(Deputy chairman

of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences)

Zhou Yongfeng (Soil Expert)


Suzhou True Color Museum


No. 219, Tongda Road, Suzhou Natural Art Museum (exhibition hall on the second floor)









《土宇系列手稿》 宋陈






《土宇系列 局部》 宋陈


《后土系列》 宋陈

Land gas renovation - Soil work by Song Chen

Text/Du Xiyun

Soil is the most convenient and oldest art material. Although it is endowed with rich meaning and aesthetic possibilities in different cultural contexts, it is closely related to the basic survival of human beings. In thegrotesque developed cities, when artificial intelligence and biotechnology have generated new daily life, the artist Song Chen has been holding this “overly plain” material for a long time, reflecting the strong impulse of her tracing the root. Song Chen used the soil for a long time and constantly deduced new forms and meanings, but they all maintained a very simple atmosphere, pointing to basic issues such as the cycle of life and death..

"You will have to sweat to make a living, until you return to earth, because you are from the earth. You are dust, you still have to return to the dust."

"When his breath ceases, he returns to dust; And his purposes perished that same day."

The fateful relationship between life of free will and nature, the cradle of life, makes people feel awe while sighing. When Song Chen constantly inquired about the origin and end-result of life with the soil, she simply and powerfully called the initial heart and opened the information of environment, history, religion in multi dimensions naturally.



Dust/metempsychosis, soil/pregnancy, environment/mother, nature/law of nature... The implication from the soil is of course related to Chinese native culture, but it is actually international. Because it is quite simple and straightforward, there are obvious differences between Song Chen’s works and the prevailing and gorgeous artistic tastes. In the contemporary, where information is quite convenient to get, the experimental nature of aesthetics has been difficult to excite the well-informed public; the "concepts" that are pretentious and evasive are becoming more and more unattended after the rise of the people’s wisdom. Intentionally or unintentionally, Song Chen continually and steadily returned to the original and gain energy, making her works touching and simple. In addition, she is also open to the addition of auxiliary materials, the use of space and light and shadow to adapt the work to a new posture and texture.

Because the insistence to trace the root with soil, after a variety of open language experiments, Song Chen tends to convert the original material of many objects into soil. At this time, the complex problem that she thought was alienated was observed in the context of returning to the origin through "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust", so that the audience could pass through the surface that was breeding confusion and be clear at a glance to the truth




《土上水墨系列 局部》宋陈

“Healing Land” is a summary of Song Chen’s continuous work in recent years. Her understanding and expression of many specific problems are assembled like parts and components under the theme of “Healing Land”and refreshed in new cultural contexts and physical spaces. In the contemporary life of steel, cement, glass, plastics, etc., people have forgotten the soil as the base. Song Chen collects soil contaminated by human beings from all over the world, and combines to form figurative babies and placenta. In the dazzling city, the contemporary people who forgot "Who are we, where do we come from, where are we going", repent and start thinking of redemption before the ecological crisis which is visualized by the visual workers.

The road to the truth is simple, but it is also despised and forgotten because of its "simplicity" until the persistent person who knows it is out of time but does not give up speaks again and repeatedly with new aesthetic taste. Song Chen has an inopportune side, but the impulse of constantly returning to the origin makes her stay in the process of gaining consciousness, and share her consciousness with viewers in the way of constantly refreshing expression. Her works are full of "rustic" style. They stick to the origin of values and quietly blend into various experiments in aesthetics, so that those who are interested in them can see, understand, therefore triggers their actions.

November 18, 2019 in Beijing